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Why ieDigital?

We strive to challenge convention, pushing against the status quo wherever and whenever we can. To help us do this to the best of our ability, we recruit like-minded people who believe, as we do, in the transformative power of software technology.

At the heart of our business is a desire to be the best we can be, driving transformation in financial services while nurturing a working environment that people really enjoy.

We like to think we can bring out the best in you, as you share your knowledge and skills with us. Our approach to most things is to be an enabler, whether that’s for a client, a client’s customer, or the passionate people who work at ieDigital.

ieDigital is a place where you can be yourself and be surrounded by people who want to change and challenge the industry.

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Our values –

We are courageous

We are dynamic

We strive for excellence


We are willing to challenge the status quo and set a new agenda. We have faith in our convictions built as they are on the foundations of our work and our collaborators.
We are provocative, not afraid to zig while others zag, to run against the herd, to ask the difficult questions.

We are inquisitive. Our curiosity feeds our appetite to learn and discover. The more we learn, the more our appetite for ‘the new’ develops.

We are brave. Ours is a world where stepping into the unknown comes with the territory, and we relish this. In fact, we encourage it, and we always do this as part of a world-class team.


We constantly change and adapt with emerging technologies that touch our clients’ brands, and with the social changes they bring. This energy translates into a brand experience that’s never standing still.

We are energetic, always busy with new ideas and new ways to transfer the fast-moving world around us into our brand. Our energy is contagious and relentless.
We are creative, thriving on solving problems and generating new, unique solutions.

We are proactive, always on the front foot in taking the initiative and forging a path with a clear direction.


We only accept the highest standards of performance individually and collectively. This is the basis for the performance of everything we deliver with an ongoing commitment to development.

We are committed to delivering a brand experience that exceeds expectations, and our standards demand that we will not compromise the quality of this.

Integrity – To be the best requires an understanding that all our actions have consequences, and that these are always carried out with the best intentions of ieDigital.

Expert – We are global authorities on our subject matter. This is the foundation on which the strength and resilience of our brand is built.

A message from our CEO –

We’re helping to shape the future of financial services, and we’d love to have you share our journey.

Part of what makes ieDigital so special, besides our commitment to excellence and our approach to innovation and transformation, is the people behind the passion. We’ve spent many years putting a great team together with a shared vision, and it’s a vision that’s not always so business-oriented. We also know how to have fun in doing what we do, because being happy in our work more often than not leads to being happy in life. ieDigital is about its people – the driving force behind everything we do and everything we achieve. We hope you will join us on this exciting journey of global business transformation.