At ieDigital, we believe in looking ahead,
and we’ve been doing this since 1985.

Our story, from local to global

You reach a certain point where heritage plays a large part in who you are as a business, and how you operate and develop relationships.

At the very core of our company is a passion and belief in the power and potential of technology, and we’ve been actively involved in this sector for many years, making technology simpler to use, safer to use, and smarter for all of us, especially in financial services.

It began in a small office in London, when a handful of passionate, dedicated people formed a company called Intelligent Environments. From the outset, the objective was to embrace simplicity, see through the eyes of the customer, and push the boundaries of innovation (we soon discovered there aren’t any).

The focus of the business revolved around domotics, otherwise known as home automation. When the 1990s arrived, we laid the groundwork for becoming a specialist provider of digital software. We probably still wore ties back then, but our objectives remained: stay simple, stay focused on the customer, and stay innovative.

Our team of talented, passionate innovators has grown to more than a hundred people, and our HQ in London is now big sister to a new office in Brisbane, Australia.

Our journey –

We’re on a journey at ieDigital

We specialize in transforming businesses using our knowhow in software technology. Our unique platform – Interact – is helping financial services institutions transform themselves on a global scale.

Interact transforms the customer experience, so that anyone, regardless of their age, background or knowledge of technology, can manage their finances and feel good about you as a business, which in turn creates loyal, lasting relationships.

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Why we are different

Many years have passed since that handful of early entrepreneurs founded the company, and we’re so pleased to have been actively involved with innovation over the years.

We were the world’s first developer of an internet of things banking platform, the creator of the world’s first emoji passcode, the first online credit card solution in the UK market, the first transactional mobile banking solution in the UK (with Orange and Barclaycard), and developer of the first smartwatch banking app.

Our name changed. We are now ieDigital. Yet, some things don’t change at all, and it’s important they don’t, such as our love of innovation, our love of simplicity in the face of increasing digital complexity, and the love of the people we build things with. Who are we but the product of our heritage, our innovative, openminded culture, and the loyalty and curiosity of the people who believe in us.

We are ieDigital.

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