Author: Paul Spiller

Fintech Development -

Going with the flow: monitoring microservices

As our next-generation financial services platform on technology takes shape, we’re rethinking our assumptions about...

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News Opinion -

3 tips for meeting the B2B2C challenge

In businesses like ours that provide white-label software solutions to other businesses, that are designed to service...

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Top stories -

Banking Technology -

Building SME relationships with people and technology

Shaun Weston talks to Andy Bishop of Lloyds Banking Group about developments in SME banking, customer-centricity and...

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Podcast -

Podcast ep 05: Andy Bishop on SME banking and client...

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode five, we talk to Andy Bishop about SME banking.

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Press releases -

ieDigital shortlisted for Credit & Collections...

ieDigital shortlisted for Customer Engagement, Digital Business Transformation, Finance Lending, and Innovation in...

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