What is the right approach to automating your business processes?

If you have a working, mature and satisfactory business operation that hasn’t changed much in a number of years, then it is probably a good idea to see if now is the right time to introduce some process automation to your business. If this has just conjured up the phrase ‘digital transformation’, then to some degree you are right. But what is it, and should you even be looking at improving the processes within your business at all?
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There are many definitions of Business Process Automation (BPA), but essentially, it is converting a series of loosely coupled steps in a process. These steps often include manual activities involving paper, copying and repeat keying, into a seamless operation that is more efficient with added control. This comes with improved monitoring and better auditing of activities.

So, in a word, ‘yes’, you probably do need to take a serious look at the benefits that going digital can in some way bring. Looking to disrupt one’s own processes in order to evolve is a key part of an organisation’s approach to staying strong in the market.  Having said that, it doesn’t always make sense to change, especially if it becomes just doing something for the sake of it!

Here are some key indicators that your organisation will benefit from business process automation:

  • You are struggling to cope with spikes in demand, such as:
    • It’s renewal season again
    • It’s the run-up to Christmas
    • You are creating best-buy and other market-trending offers and propositions
    • A new product is being released
  • Your business is looking to grow in significant size
  • Operational efficiency and/or governance is a priority
  • The regulation, risk or other requirements demand better auditing and reporting capabilities.

Challenges prior to the business process automation

Having identified the need for some sort of BPA, how do you then proceed? There are plenty of software vendors out there with cloud-based solutions for you to subscribe to, as long as you are willing to revise, and potentially compromise, your operation to fit the parameters of their solution.

Alternatively, you can get yourself a platform and work it all out for yourself, accepting that it will take a long time to learn how to approach transforming your existing processes into something that meets all of your needs.

Neither of these actually sound like the right approach, do they? Then, how else to go about transforming your operation quickly and effectively?

Solutions for a successful business process automation

Start by walking through the steps of the whole operation and pick out every step that is manual, clunky or slow. In some cases, it might not have an effective method of auditing or recording, or just won’t feel right! 

Add in the list of priorities that your risk and compliance operatives need, and of course, ask for feedback from those who actually do the work. Understand how they see the operation could be improved, and indeed, expect quite a long list!

Next, get in touch with an organisation like ieDigital with a proven ability to run small, iterative and successful BPA projects in your market sector. We are not fixated on telling you what the solution should be before you start, or what software licences you need to buy from us in order to make it happen.

Instead, we recognise the size of your need and can show you that, however small or big your desire for change is, we can lead you through the process. We can deliver the right solution to transform your business and add real and lasting business value.

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