vulnerable customers

How cultural change can help building societies help vulnerable customers

Modernisation takes many forms, and building societies are well placed to update culturally as well as digitally. This will make it easier to help, advise and support vulnerable customers.


Think customer, not bank

Financial services providers love to sell products, yet customers have different needs. To see things from their perspective is the essence of customer-centricity.

customer onboarding

Customer growth rates depend on a mix of brand visibility and great onboarding

Digital-only banks made it easy for people to sign up for a new account, but marketing played its part too. Monzo and Starling led the way.

speedy onboarding

FIs will only offer speedy onboarding when they become speedy thinkers

There’s a simple solution to making it easier for people to apply for a loan or bank account, but the way to get to the solution can be tough for incumbents. It’s about cultural change, speed and agility.

mortgage provider

The customer-centric mortgage provider is never too late

Digital transformation means many things to many people, but makes the most sense in enabling customer happiness. Mortgage providers who remove friction can achieve this.

joyful balloon family.

The role of feelings in customer retention

Mortgage customers have feelings too, which is why digital transformation strategies should include the emotive side of financial services. Mortgage providers can play an important role in helping people understand the switching process.

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