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How behavioural nudges (and Marie Kondo) can help your digital transformation

Digital transformation takes a variety of people, personalities and behavioural nudges to make it happen. Mala Balakrishnan and Shankar Sundarrajan wrote a blog post called ‘What Sparks Joy for You?’, which considers the application of Marie Kondo’s tidying concept to complex banking transformation. I fell into the spirit of Konmari in 2019 after watching Marie

Technology may help us understand ourselves better

We often blame technology for the foibles of life, but human behaviour is behind every chip and pin. We use technology to augment our everyday lives. How well we let technology into our lives depends largely on simple human behaviour. On the one hand, many of us fear technology, while on the other we embrace

The five key traits of organisations with strong digital culture

It is an exciting time to be involved in digital banking. However, many traditional financial institutions are finding themselves left behind as they struggle to adapt to these new opportunities at the pace required. These companies recognise that their digital transformation is far from mature, with many disjointed processes slowing down their potential to meet rising customer sophistication and demands.

What is the right approach to automating your business processes?

If you have a working, mature and satisfactory business operation that hasn’t changed much in a number of years, then it is probably a good idea to see if now is the right time to introduce some process automation to your business. If this has just conjured up the phrase ‘digital transformation’, then to some degree you are right. But what is it, and should you even be looking at improving the processes within your business at all?

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