Embrace flexible working to boost business and improve employee well-being

ieDigital believes remote working is here to stay. The business benefits are great, but people’s well-being benefits are greater.

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Building societies should tackle legacy systems with automation

Automation can help kick-start digital transformation for building societies looking to modernise.

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EV financing for company cars isn’t just all torque

Advocates of leasing laugh out loud at the car ownership model, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank when it comes to electric vehicles.

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Vehicle financing should be led by the customer experience

The key to navigating the next decade of motor finance is getting the customer experience right, and creating an ecosystem that benefits everybody.


The customer-centric models disrupting motor finance

The motor finance industry is changing, with emphasis on customer experience, and digital services are leading the charge.

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FCA ban should lead to innovation in motor finance technology

The FCA ban on motor finance discretionary commission models should be a wake-up call to focus on technology innovation in the buying process.