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Spending wisely (and how technology helps)

Contactless is booming and people are eager to spend this Christmas. What role could technology play in making sure we don’t tip into the red? I hope that, by now, you will have exhausted your Christmas budget in good time. If you’re like me, you started shopping back in October (I like to be prepared).

Technology can lift vulnerable people out of financial exclusion

Technology is often seen as the elite tool for tech-savvy people, but financial inclusion is underpinned by technology. And the field is more fertile than ever.  For the computer-literate armed with smartphones, financial services are right there at our fingertips. For those without the means to access mobile-only banking and online bill payment services, life

The importance of funding programmes and technology for cleaner air

Clean air funding programmes combined with software technology will play a big role in our fight against climate change, and it needs to be smooth to encourage people to get onboard. It should come as no surprise to most people that air pollution is a bad thing. If you’re young or old, it’s particularly nasty.

Savings goals, building societies and happy customers

Big banks adopted savings goals, among other digital services, to attract digital-savvy customers. Perhaps building societies have the tools to do it even better for members. Savings goals are fun. I remember not having them, so the novelty may take some time to wear off. My current goals are Christmas and moving house, and it

How behavioural nudges (and Marie Kondo) can help your digital transformation

Digital transformation takes a variety of people, personalities and behavioural nudges to make it happen. Mala Balakrishnan and Shankar Sundarrajan wrote a blog post called ‘What Sparks Joy for You?’, which considers the application of Marie Kondo’s tidying concept to complex banking transformation. I fell into the spirit of Konmari in 2019 after watching Marie

Technology may help us understand ourselves better

We often blame technology for the foibles of life, but human behaviour is behind every chip and pin. We use technology to augment our everyday lives. How well we let technology into our lives depends largely on simple human behaviour. On the one hand, many of us fear technology, while on the other we embrace

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