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The customer-centric mortgage provider is never too late

Digital transformation means many things to many people, but makes the most sense in enabling customer happiness. Mortgage providers who remove friction can achieve this.

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The role of feelings in customer retention

Mortgage customers have feelings too, which is why digital transformation strategies should include the emotive side of financial services. Mortgage providers can play an important role in helping people understand the switching process.

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The influence of digital authentication in the mortgage switching process

Secure validation of credentials is part of the customer retention process. Can mortgage providers get up to speed with digital signatures and make everything move at the speed of zeroes and ones?

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Self-serve technology can aid mortgage customer retention

Keeping mortgage customers is less expensive than acquiring new customers, and offering self-serve technology is a good way to increase genuine loyalty and engagement.


Is the asset finance industry shy about adopting technology?

Adopting an innovative approach to technology can help asset finance providers deliver better customer experiences. In a previous post, we talked about opportunities on the …

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Young entrepreneurs are changing financial services, but they need more help

Technological progress in financial services can be slow. When it comes to asset finance for new business, young business people’s higher expectations are keen, but the process is still complicated. What’s the simple solution?

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