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The five key traits of organisations with strong digital culture

It is an exciting time to be involved in digital banking. However, many traditional financial institutions are finding themselves left behind as they struggle to adapt to these new opportunities at the pace required. These companies recognise that their digital transformation is far from mature, with many disjointed processes slowing down their potential to meet rising customer sophistication and demands.

What is the right approach to automating your business processes?

If you have a working, mature and satisfactory business operation that hasn’t changed much in a number of years, then it is probably a good idea to see if now is the right time to introduce some process automation to your business. If this has just conjured up the phrase ‘digital transformation’, then to some degree you are right. But what is it, and should you even be looking at improving the processes within your business at all?

A better approach to delivering the right digital banking solution

There is a way to achieve both the rapid change necessary in today’s speed-to-market reality and the need to provide robust, cyber-secure and future-proof route to delivering innovative digital banking experiences to your customers. It is a better way than either buying an off the shelf, take-it-or-leave-it front end or building your own, in house, tool-based solution with teams who have never done it before but would love to try.

Can you avoid becoming another banking zombie?

Back in 2013, our digital banking solutions expert Kevin Phillips wrote a blog on Zombie Banking which you can read below. Interestingly, the concerns which Kevin showed six years ago, are now taken into consideration by the FCA. To learn more about their new initiative to bring more fairness to the UK’s savings market and what it would mean for the current digital customer engagement, please read our latest blog on CP20-1 Single Easy Access Rate.

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