Robot driving a car

Five ways AI is changing motor finance

Simon Cadbury looks at use cases for game-changing AI in financial services, and suggests it’s time to place your trust in its power and potential.

Hands on a steering wheel.

How will the car of the future be financed?

As motor finance undergoes rapid transformation, how do existing players adapt before it’s too late to change? Simon Cadbury presents solutions for motor finance providers.

Someone holding a credit card while using a smartphone

Maximizing debt collection performance with AI

Clayton Locke looks at the benefits of taking a digital approach to debt collection using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Hand in a Amazon delivery box

Will a GAFA be your next bank?

Simon Cadbury explores the finer details, pros and cons of the onset of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), and what you should be considering as a bank.


Machine learning for financial services

Machine learning is becoming mission critical for financial services, says Clayton Locke, but do FIs know how to implement it?

Smartphone closeup with Live Chat icons and a finger tapping it

How digital collection channels are evolving to meet the new consensus on vulnerability

Randolph McFarlane assesses current consensus on defining, identifying and treating customer vulnerability, identifying key considerations for creditors when applying vulnerability strategy to the digital channel.

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