Someone holding an open book

Will open banking really breathe new life into banking?

Behind the optimism, individuals and organisations are still struggling to make sense of PSD2. What’s going to happen? And when it does, what will it look like and how can your organisation move to take advantage? Story by Simon Cadbury.

Car closeup from the front

Why scrutiny of motor finance demands digital self-serve at the heart of the customer proposition

The success of motor finance over the last decade has led to an anxiety that it must all somehow be too good to be true. David Webber looks at what needs to be done to ensure products and sales processes are ironclad going forwards.

Shapes and a dashed line representing cars on the road

Customer success story: A first for vehicle finance

MotoNovo offers a complete digital omni-channel, self-service customer solution in vehicle finance. Read how its partnership with ieDigital helped to improve the customer journey.

Man on mountain top

Who owns the customer journey in motor finance?

How customer self-serve facilities can be the first step on a growth journey for finance houses locked in by competition.

Shattered bulb on a dark background

How collections can embrace disruptive technology

In this paper, we will examine where digital financial solutions will supplant traditional channels, where it can coexist with them, and how it can increase their efficacy. By Simon Cadbury.

Several glass jars with coins and labels: gas, phone, electricity, water

Quantifying and solving the utilities collection challenge

Utilites companies face disadvantages compared with lending businesses when it comes to collections activity. The digital customer journey appears to be the best tool they have in overcoming these.

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