A better approach to delivering the right digital banking solution

There is a way to achieve both the rapid change necessary in today’s speed-to-market reality and the need to provide robust, cyber-secure and future-proof route to delivering innovative digital banking experiences to your customers. It is a better way than either buying an off the shelf, take-it-or-leave-it front end or building your own, in house, tool-based solution with teams who have never done it before but would love to try.

The truth regarding today’s digital engagement experiences is that unless they can continually evolve at a rapid rate then they are effectively going to fail to deliver ongoing business value. The saying that standing still is falling behind could not be more appropriate.

The requirement then is to have a solution where there can be rapid change to keep up with customer expectations and stay at the front of the curve, while at the same time avoid all of the pitfalls I have discussed previously.

The right solution

The starting point must be to have a digital banking capability that is fit for the purpose.  Such a solution will include all of the following elements:

  • Agile: Allowing rapid development
  • Enchant: Delight and deliver to increasing customer expectations
  • Evolve: A platform that is continually evolving and with expanding capabilities
  • Malleable: Withstand the stretch and demand of evolutionary requirements
  • Precise: Built from the ground up, specifically designed for the financial services market
  • Quick: Sustain super-fast speed, even under a very high volume of traffic
  • Robust: Withstand the wide-ranging variables of a live digital service over time
  • Secure: Ensure a bank-grade security model

The tooling that sits behind these capabilities is much less relevant than its capacity to deliver them.  The main factor that drives successful digital transformation isn’t which type of development tool you are using, it’s all about the expertise of those who deliver the implementation.

Expertise in digital transformation

Expertise is the key, in both the proven pre-built features and services used as a starting point and the tried and tested experience of the team who can prove that they already have the knowledge to be successful.

The investment in a digital transformation project can be a significant expense for any organisation. Hence, it is necessary to know beforehand about which problems you want to solve, at what speed, and what business outcomes you want to achieve.

It is vital to find an organisation that can help you realise the business value required for continuous success amidst evolving customer expectations. You need a partner with a proven track record who will deliver better solutions that will maximise return on investment.

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