The ieDigital top 7 articles of 2018

ieDigital covered motor finance, retail banking, AI, debt collection and software development in detail in 2018. But what were the most popular stories? Shaun Weston pulls the list together.

The ieDigital top 7 articles of 2018. Image by AaronAmat,

We’ve scoured the internet for great lists over the last week, but none of them had the ieDigital top 7 articles in 2018. No surprise, of course, because only we knew what they actually were! Without further ado, let’s get down to the most popular stories published to our newly redesigned website in 2018.

ONE: Will a GAFA be your next bank?

Simon Cadbury explores the finer details, pros and cons of the onset of GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), and what you should be considering as a bank.

TWO: Intelligent Environments to rebrand as ieDigital

Not strictly a blog, but a big bit of news for us to share! The second most popular story on our site last year was the press release: We transformed our brand last year from Intelligent Environments to ieDigital, to more closely align with core business objectives.

THREE: The Digital Banking Club – Motor Finance 2018

We hosted a Digital Banking Club event last November, at the Law Society in London, where we discussed the potential application of machine learning in motor finance. We published a roundup of the event, which became the third most popular article of 2018 (in such a short amount of time!), and included extra post-event materials such as a photo gallery and highlights video.

FOUR: Maximizing debt collection performance with AI

Clayton Locke looks at the benefits of taking a digital approach to debt collection using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

FIVE: The pitfalls of adopting a low-code development platform

Are low-code solutions the right way forward for your digital engagement platform creations, or just another 4GL fad that can never deliver on the promises made? Story by Kevin Phillips.

SIX: Banks should use empathy to understand customer needs

Jerry Young suggests banks take a different approach to engaging with customers in using empathy rather than sympathy as the nucleus of advanced customer engagement.

SEVEN: How will the car of the future be financed?

As motor finance undergoes rapid transformation, how do existing players adapt before it’s too late to change? Simon Cadbury presents solutions for motor finance providers.

Quite a mixed bag of topics. What do you think will be the hot topics of 2019 in retail banking, motor finance, wealth management and debt collection? We’d love to hear from you.

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