A unique software platform for
a uniquely digital world.

It’s a complex, digital world out there, and people are gravitating towards easy to use financial services.

To meet these needs, we have developed a modern, flexible platform on which to empower collaboration and innovation. Here’s how our Interact platform can help you meet your own customers’ needs.

At the heart of our solutions is Interact, a powerful, scalable digital engagement platform. We assess the journey your customers want to make using three simple steps: Acquire, Connect and Collect.

Our solution –

Interact Acquire

Make onboarding simple and effective

Interact Acquire is a customer-centric module that makes it quick and easy for people to complete forms, validate their identities and evaluate their options without impacting credit scores. This way, you increase completion rates and reduce your costs, helping you create more engaging relationships with your customers.

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Our solution –

Interact Connect

Connect and engage with your customers

Interact Connect is a fully immersive dashboard module that will enable your customers to manage their money with a variety of financial tools. They will see their activities across a range of accounts and balances, and can make informed decisions at the click of a button. This provides great insight for you, so you can manage communications with your customer more effectively, and ensure you’re providing just what they want from their service provider.

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Our solution –

Interact Collect

Provide more options for debt management

Interact Collect is a discreet module that will help people manage their debt. Because it’s digital, it reduces the stress of talking to those in your contact center, empowering people to feel in control of how they manage their repayments. You’re able to provide more options for debt management, reducing your costs and remaining compliant and empathetic to your customers’ situations. This relationship also improves the accuracy of the customer data at hand, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

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The modular approach.

What do we mean by modular? We think you can be a more efficient, productive and relevant business if you reinvent the way you approach modern financial services.

In order to be truly useful and innovative as a customer-centric organization, it makes more sense to be a sum of parts rather than a large, integrated business that perhaps focuses on markets that are no longer beneficial.

We built Interact to augment the modular approach, so that you can focus on building each service with the customer journey firmly in mind. With a modular approach, you can simplify processes and scale your innovation goals to create user experiences that will delight and engage your customers.

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Customer Testimonial -

Alastair Watts, Head of Acquisition & Proposition Development, Bank of Ireland, UK

"We have developed a strong and positive relationship with Intelligent Environments. Having Interact at the heart of our mobile banking apps will enable us to provide our Post Office and AA credit card customers with a market leading digital experience."


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