Read about the Live Debate and download the opinion paper by Simon Cadbury now.

Discussion points included:

  • Could we ever see a GAFA applying for a Banking Licence?
  • When humans are still more likely to change spouse than bank account, just how real a threat do they pose?
  • Who is better positioned to leverage the opportunities of PSD2 and Open Banking – the banks or the GAFAs?
  • At what point will the financial institutions fully immerse themselves in services such as Whatsapp, Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger and Google Maps as a channels of engagement?
  • What parallels be drawn from the rise of Ant Financial and Tencent in the Far East?

Our panel for this debate: 

The debate was chaired by Douglas Blakey, Editor, Retail Banker International and Chair of the Digital Banking Club. Joining Douglas were:

  • Alessandro Hatami, Founder, Forestreet
  • Nick Ogden, Founder, ClearBank
  • Oliwia Berdak, Principal Analyst, Forrester
  • Tom Blomfield, Founder, Monzo
  • Simon Cadbury, Director of Strategy and Marketing, Intelligent Environments

This house believes your next bank will be a GAFA

The Digital Banking Club Live Debate was held on Wednesday 21 March 2018 at the Law Society in London.


Date and time:


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