Podcast ep 01: BSA Conference, development projects

The Shape of Money is a new podcast by ieDigital. In this episode, we talk to Robin Fieth, Adam Archibald and Allison Baxter.

Podcast ep 01: BSA Conference, development projects. Photo by Shaun Weston for ieDigital.

Welcome to The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital that will include interviews with the wise and wonderful from the world of financial services. To kick things off, we recently attended the BSA Conference in London to talk about building societies and the role they will play in the hearts and minds of customers over the next few years.

We’ll hear from Adam Archibald of ieDigital about building society member engagement, and later in the episode, we talk to Allison Baxter about her article, Four tips and a cliche for a successful development project, recently published to the ieDigital blog.

The Shape of Money, episode 01 show notes

01:13 Shaun Weston interviews Robin Fieth of the Building Societies Association, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2019. With a little bit of vibrant, chatty background noise, Robin talks about the importance of the BSA, its heritage, and its effect on influencing key decision makers.

04:25 Abbie Crome provides a preview of Money2020 Europe, which ieDigital is co-sponsoring in 2019.

05:12 Adam Archibald presented a short four-minute pitch to the BSA Conference audience about connecting with your audience. Before taking to the stage, Shaun Weston caught up with him to discuss the motivation behind the pitch, about the key differentiators for building societies and their members, and using digital technology to drive customer engagement.

07:55 Keeping a development project on track can be tricky, according to Allison Baxter, who joins Shaun from Belfast to talk about her article, Four tips and a cliche for a successful development project.

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