Podcast ep 02: Money2020, AI, user journeys

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode two, we talk to Louise Beaumont, Andrew Garner and Clayton Locke.

Podcast ep 02: Money2020, AI, user journeys. Photo by Abbie Crome for ieDigital.

Welcome to the second episode of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. Last week was, of course, Money2020 Europe, one of the industry’s biggest and most popular events. As co-sponsors of the event, ieDigital travelled to Amsterdam to soak up the atmosphere, network with some of the sector’s most influential companies, and to talk about the hot topics. Chief among them were payments, security, commercial models, open banking and artificial intelligence. Abbie Crome will talk to Louise Beaumont about AI and Signoi.

We’ll also talk to digital transformation consultant Andrew Garner about building societies and investing in technology. And Clayton Locke will talk about his recent article on the ieDigital blog about AI and the digital dealership.

The Shape of Money, episode 02 show notes

01:06 Abbie Crome caught up with Louise Beaumont at Money2020 to talk about AI and the opportunities available for managing unstructured data. Louise is executive chair of Signoi, a technology startup that specialises in making sense and deriving meaning from unstructured data.

07:49 The BSA Conference took place in London a couple of weeks ago. One of the 650 attendees was Andrew Garner from digital transformation consultancy Virtrium, which earlier this year merged with Chaucer Consulting Group. Shaun Weston talks to Andrew about bank-bashing, investing in fintech, building societies keeping up, and the predominance of China and the US as heavy investors.

16:58 Clayton Locke wrote a piece called AI and the digital dealership for the ieDigital blog. Clayton provides some background on the article, and describes the possible solutions that AI could help with to counter what he calls “the disconnected user journey”.

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