Podcast ep 03: Technology, building societies and design

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode three, we talk building societies with Jerry Mulle and design with Cris Morandin.

Technology, building societies, and design in financial services. Image by ipopba, iStockphoto.com

Welcome to episode three of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. In episode one, we spoke to Adam Archibald about new ideas and innovation using AI in advice, customer onboarding and paperless documentation. Yet, ieDigital wasn’t the only company on the bill at the BSA Conference. Jerry Mulle from Sopra Banking will share his own thoughts about the event, and will highlight how building societies are making progress with technology and customer journeys.

Later on, we’ll chat to Cris Morandin about whether financial services is bothered about good design. Turns out many of them are, and those that are not, absolutely should be. Her article – How we built a video demo for Interact – is the basis of our discussion.

The Shape of Money, episode 03 show notes

00:40 Jerry Mulle of Sopra Banking delivered a four-minute pitch at the recent BSA Conference in London. We kick off this interview by looking at his takeaways from the event.

01:38 The market has changed over the 12-18 months. It’s really exciting, being driven by open banking, fintech challengers and so on, so standing still isn’t an option!

02:37 What are the differentiators for building societies? Jerry focuses on two main points.

04:42 Are people more willing to switch financial providers as they do energy suppliers?

06:43 What’s ahead for building societies over the next two years? Can we be optimistic?

08:47 There are opportunities for improving the customer journey in debt collections.

10:07 What has Banksy got to do with Sopra Banking’s rebranding?

11:16 Cris Morandin thinks everyone should be thinking of their design, regardless of what industry you’re in, or whether you’re a number cruncher!

13:04 It’s not just the fintech challengers that are getting design right with regards to user journeys – the traditional banks are making great strides.

14:10 So, what’s so great about video? Cris talks about the benefits of including many design elements to get your message across.

15:34 Animation is becoming quite a big deal for breaking down complex messages into something people can understand.

17:16 Cris picks out NatWest as an example of new branding that breaks away from its traditional corporate feel.

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