Podcast ep 05: Andy Bishop on SME banking and client experiences

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode five, we talk to Andy Bishop about SME banking.

Welcome to episode five of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. On today’s show, we talk to Andy Bishop – National Director of Business Development SME Banking at Lloyds Banking Group. He attended the NACFB Commercial Finance Expo in June, and gave a talk on ‘Blending people and digital to create omni-channel client experiences’.

I invited Andy on to the show to dig deeper into the subject, and to find out how SME banking can be shaped by putting the customer first.

I also interviewed Mark Buckley from the Credit Services Association recently, who will attend UKCCC 2019 in September. Included is a short snippet from the interview, where I asked Mark if it’s a misconception that older people struggle with technology.

The Shape of Money, episode 05 show notes

00:31 Our discussion with Andy Bishop kicks off with an introduction to what Andy is responsible for at Lloyds Banking Group.

01.29 Andy believes the external marketplace is changing, and we’re seeing an increasingly digital world. He has a favourite Steve Jobs quote about starting with the customer experience and working back to the technology.

03:22 Digital enablement using the outside-in approach.

04:27 Is the UK the largest SME marketplace? Andy says it’s certainly one of the most competitive.

05:03 It’s good to have a wider choice of providers in the SME marketplace.

05:40 Branch networks and the SME banking customer. Could business banking be the saviour for the high street branch?

06:43 Does Andy think small businesses have been left behind in the digital sphere? There’s certainly an element of the commercial environment “catching up” with the retail environment, he says.

08:40 What do we think about buzzwords becoming drivers for innovation, and their subsequent overuse becoming drivers for apathy?

09:20 What’s next for Lloyds in the technology space over the next few months?

10:43 Mark Buckley from the Credit Services Association is asked whether it’s a misconception that older people struggle with technology.

11:45 Abbie Crome provides information about UKCCC 2019.

Produced by Shaun Weston. Listen free on Apple Podcasts

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