Podcast ep 06: Nick Murphy on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode six, we talk to Nick Murphy about data protection and GDPR legislation.

Nick Murphy on General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Image by solarseven, iStockphoto.com

Welcome to episode six of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. Today, we’re talking GDPR and all things data protection with Nick Murphy of 3 Lines of Defence Consulting. We’ll discuss whether companies are taking GDPR seriously enough since large fines were recently imposed, the processes involved in adhering to the managing of our data, and whether the value of our data has improved in light of GDPR legislation.

Later on, we’ll also share a snippet of a conversation with ieDigital’s Clayton Locke. We touched on the subject of sharing data across the fragmented process of buying a house or car in episode two. He explains how emerging technologies are helping to improve the customer journey in motor finance.

The Shape of Money, episode 06 show notes

00:28 Our discussion about GDPR kicks off with the impact of heavy fines on company reputation.

03:30 It’s important to show that you’re striving to be 100% compliant by documenting processes and procedures. The ICO and other supervisory bodies are not necessarily the bad guys out to get you!

06:05 Knowing your responsibilities when it comes to protecting data is everyone’s responsibility, but it has to start at the top and filter down.

08:46 We take a short break to hear from Abbie Crome about the forthcoming UKCCC 2019.

09:08 Who owns the data, and what is a subject access request?

12:35 The process of buying a car is notoriously disjointed. What can the motor finance industry learn from GDPR legislation and the pitfalls of sharing data with third parties?

16:26 The accidental sharing of data is just as serious a breach as a malicious one. Nick Murphy shares an anecdote about cleaners at an estate agency.

18:42 How can technology play its part in mitigating human error in handling data?

21:32 Let’s talk about GDPR Certification, and how to use common sense when protecting sensitive data that doesn’t actually belong to you.

23:58 A short reminder of a conversation we had in episode two with Clayton Locke, where he explained how emerging technologies are helping to improve the customer journey in motor finance.

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