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Podcast ep 07: Ed Molyneux on open banking opportunities

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode seven, we talk to Ed Molyneux from FreeAgent about open banking.

The Shape of Money podcast by ieDigital. In episode seven, we talk to Ed Molyneux from FreeAgent about open banking.

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19th September 2019

Steve Lowe

Steve Lowe

Welcome to episode seven of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. In today’s show, we discuss open banking with Ed Molyneux, CEO and co-founder of cloud-based accounting software FreeAgent. I invited Ed Molyneux onto the show in light of recent changes to how FreeAgent uses open banking. We discuss keeping up with legislation, bank feeds, challenger banks and small business banking.

Steph Barker joins us later in the episode to regale us with stories of great bakes and great cakes for our recent Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off.

The Shape of Money, episode 07 show notes

00:36 Our discussion with Ed Molyneux starts with the story of how FreeAgent got up and running.

02:10 How to keep up with legislation in a fast-moving industry.

04:06 How does open banking change accounting software and how people use it, depending on who their bank is and how the bank feeds work.

07:35 Ed Molyneux describes how the big banks are implementing open banking.

10:26 A discussion about the openness of open APIs.

11:49 I ask Ed what he thinks the challenges ahead look like for open banking.

14:18 Who’s using FreeAgent; mostly large businesses, or small businesses?

16:55 What’s ahead for FreeAgent now that it is owned by RBS?

18:55 Following my conversation with Ed Molyneux, I take us back to episode three, where I interviewed Jerry Mulle and asked him to comment on open banking.

20:45 A short interview with Steph Barker of ieDigital, about our recent Stand Up to Cancer Bake Off. We also talk about upcoming charitable ventures.

24:01 Thanks for listening. Please rate and subscribe!

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