Podcast ep 09: The best of 2019, the shape of 2020

Shaun Weston rounds up 2019 with a look back at some of the best soundbites from The Shape of Money podcast.

Podcast ep 09- The best of 2019, the shape of 2020

Welcome to episode nine of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. 2019 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to wrap up warm and listen to financial podcasts. So, grab a slice of stollen and a herbal tea and let’s revisit some of the great guests we’ve had on the show so far.

The Shape of Money, episode 09 show notes

00:02 Introduction

00:19 Robin Fieth of the BSA talks about the positive road ahead for building societies.

01:11 Jerry Mulle on the work building societies must do to succeed.

02:38 Ed Molyneux (FreeAgent CEO) on the efficacy of open banking.

04:54 Louise Beaumont (Signoi) on what companies are doing with AI.

07:05 Andy Bishop (Lloyds) on whether small businesses are keeping up with technology.

08:01 Mark Buckley (Credit Services Association) on the challenges ahead for collections companies.

09:18 Merlyn Holkar from Money and Mental Health talks about mental and financial health.

11:09 Nick Murphy (3 Lines of Defence Consulting) talks about data protection.

13:52 Leda Glyptis (11FS) on culture, diversity and inclusion.

16:22 Farewell to 2019, and please subscribe!

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