ieDigital Interact debt collection software.
A more human and digital-first solution
to debt recovery.

Adopting a new approach to digital debt collection

Current economic and regulatory environments have presented increasing business challenges for the debt collection industry. Levels of customer debt are rising largely due to higher interest rates, which increase rates of default, and consequently the FCA is mandating that financial services companies take a less aggressive approach to their collection process.

The objective is to treat customers fairly and handle vulnerable customers with respect, propositions that require debt collection managers to adopt a new approach to debt recovery in an ever-increasing digital world.

Call center debt collection strategies are no longer enough. Customers prefer to conduct their financial affairs online, and open banking, empowered by Europe’s PSD2 regulation, promises a wealth of opportunities for new entrants in debt management software to disrupt the market. This calls for a broader channel collection strategy that places digital self-service as a central component to debt recovery, while retaining traditional elements of call and collect methodology.

Adopting a digital-first approach to debt collection is about embracing change and transformation. It’s an opportunity to compete in this new and exciting era of customer engagement, to offer non-confrontational debt management software services to customers, so they can manage their own debt in a more collaborative way. In turn, this will increase collection performance and improve the relationships you have with the people who most need help with their finances.

The transformational collection solution lies in meeting customer demand for digital, and here’s how our Interact digital engagement platform can help.

The benefits –

Improve customer satisfaction

Empower customers

Reduce collection costs

Improve customer satisfaction

Respect privacy to foster better long-term rapport and more dependable payments.

Empower customers

Provide an environment for people to monitor and interact with their finances.

Reduce collection costs

Engage with creditors earlier in arrears to avoid the costly recovery of older debt.

Our collections software solution

Interact Collect software enables you to address the challenges faced by your business now and into the future.

By supporting your transformation to a digital call center, Interact Collect will help you improve customer satisfaction and ensure compliance, while reducing cost and boosting debt collection performance. We achieve this by:

Providing self-service software. Interact Collect offers a nonintrusive point of engagement that demonstrates respect for customer privacy and convenience.
Recording actions automatically. Interact Collect provides auditable evidence of compliance with FCA requirements.
Capturing data. Interact Collect helps creditors identify and diagnose vulnerability, and pinpoint when non-digital channels would be more appropriate.
Automating processes. Interact Collect delivers a commercially efficient operating model by using advanced technology to automate the digital side of the debt recovery process.

Our Platform –

Our Interact digital engagement platform will help you transform your business to meet customer expectations.

Its flexibility enables you to create simple journeys for people to sign up, engage, self-serve, and manage their debt. It’s a secure, reliable, scalable and channel-agnostic platform that will adapt to how you want to use it, and how you want your customer to interact with your business.

Customer Testimonial -

"We have developed a strong and positive relationship with ieDigital. Having Interact at the heart of our mobile banking apps will enable us to provide our Post Office and AA credit card customers with a market leading digital experience."

Head of Acquisition & Proposition Development, Bank of Ireland, UK

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