ieDigital Interact wealth management software.
Next-gen portfolio management software technology
to protect your investments.

Simplifying the wealth management landscape

Interact is a wealth management software solution for wealth managers. Our wealth management software solution offers a robust, secure environment for tracking and researching investment portfolios, while providing powerful reporting tools and graphing capabilities.

It’s no surprise, given the sheer amount of available data to process, that managing our investments is more complicated than ever before. Financial health in wealth management is often hard to understand, and people want to make more sense of their finances in this increasingly digital world.

We’re carrying our financial well-being in our pockets, with information available at our fingertips. Advancements in technology over the last few years has changed the way we interact with the world around us. From entertainment, to communication, to managing our household and taking stock of our personal finances, technology has empowered us to find new routines and simpler ways of managing our lives.

Yet, although our devices provide new ways of managing wealth portfolios and financial information, and the likes of open banking provides a more transparent playing field, our personal finances are as complicated as ever. In areas such as wealth management, investment portfolio management and data processing, customers and investment advisors need real-time information available immediately. They want it simple, accurate and transparent, and they want a wealth management software platform that makes it easy to act on their finances and client portfolios as quickly as opening their phones to write a text message.

Simplicity and transparency is at the heart of digital and business transformation, and here’s how our Interact software platform can help with wealth and portfolio management.

The benefits –

Help customers see easily

Improve acquisition

Reduce costs

Help customers see easily

Embrace analytics and cognitive technologies to improve how you deliver information to your customers.

Improve acquisition

Automation can help you with time-consuming tasks such as onboarding, and will free you to spend time elsewhere.

Reduce costs

Streamline operations and increase operating efficiency while reducing costs.

Our Interact wealth management software solution

Our Interact digital platform solution for wealth management is built with customer expectations in mind. It offers a robust, secure software environment for tracking and researching investment portfolios, while providing powerful reporting tools and graphing capabilities.

Changing customer behaviors has created new expectations for what a modern, cutting-edge portfolio manager should deliver. Our wealth management solution enables you to provide the security these customers expect with regards to portfolio management, financial planning, and the deposit of sensitive documents and statements. Our software offers support for person-to-person and account-to-account payments, and customers will be able to manage scheduled, pending and recurring payments.

Portfolio management software

The Interact client solution for wealth management provides the customer with the ability to see a clear overview of their portfolios, being able to drill into individual stocks, bonds, funds, and so on. You will also be able to facilitate support for third party risk profiling questionnaires and tools.

By providing a personalized wealth management experience through digital interactions and closer relationships with your clients, you will improve communications and client onboarding. The relationship between your managers and stakeholders will benefit from digital and physical interactions, and remaining compliant will inevitably be easier.

Our Platform –

Our Interact digital platform will help you transform your business to meet your customers’ expectations.

Its flexibility enables you to create simple journeys for people to sign up, engage, self-serve, and manage their investments. It’s a secure, reliable, scalable and channel-agnostic platform that will adapt to how you want to use it, and how you want your customer to interact with your business.

Customer Testimonial –

Generali International enhances portfolio management with Interact

Generali International used Interact Portfolio Manager to provide its customers with comprehensive dashboards specifically suited to their needs. These dashboards included powerful reporting tools and graphing capabilities that provided clear, concise overviews of account holders’ portfolios.

By having a full breakdown of their portfolio, with the ability to view by asset class, geography or individual fund, customers were able to make more informed decisions about their financial health. Generali’s solution has subsequently and consistently been recognised in the International Adviser Awards, most notably as ‘Best Online Proposition’.

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