We use our cloud-native Interact Application Suite for market-leading rapid application development
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It’s a complex, digital world out there, and your customers are gravitating towards easy to use financial services.

At the heart of our world is the Interact Application Suite, our flexible and scalable digital experience development platform. The platform is designed to deliver superb solutions, both for internal and external applications.

Our long history in financial services is encapsulated in the business features and apps that are available out-of-the-box, and our low-code tooling allows us to prototype and deliver new solutions at pace.

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Software architecture

The Interact Platform comprises Business Features, Services and Frameworks.

The Business Features provide end-user functionality, with Features designed to deliver a superb experience to your customers and employees. Business Features run on the Interact Platform. The Services provide the standard utilities that are used by all Features; code Frameworks provide reusable functions within a Feature.

Each Business Feature includes Web, Mobile and Integration Templates that are used to configure the Business Feature to a solution’s specific requirements. All Services and Features interoperate through standard APIs.

The web and mobile templates are white-labelled; they can be configured with your brand and customer experience designs. The templates can also be extended to meet your unique business requirements. You can also choose to develop your own Business Features to run on the Platform, using traditional coding or our low-code tooling.

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Modular approach

We think you can be a more efficient, productive and relevant business if you reinvent the way you approach modern financial services.

In order to be truly useful and innovative as a customer-centric organization, it makes more sense to be a sum of parts rather than a large, monolithic service.

We built Interact to augment the modular approach, so that you can focus on building each service with the customer journey firmly in mind. With a modular approach, you can simplify processes and scale your innovation goals to create user experiences that will delight and engage your customers and employees.

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