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Interact Application Suite

A suite of pre-built pre integrated easy to configure services that work alongside your system.


We provide financial services providers, including banks and building societies with the option to greatly enhance their customer-facing digital platforms in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

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Stay in touch with news, views and articles across industry with a technical perspective on digital transformation 

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Discover the story behind delivering solutions for the biggest names in financial services for 25 years.

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Ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone

Ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone

This website is owned by Intelligent Environments Europe Limited (IE). Intelligent Environments is committed to ensuring that this website is accessible to everyone regardless of disability, capability or technology.

This page states our intention that our website is usable and accessible to all users, and details some of the measures taken. This website’s objective is to conform to the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0, Level AA and the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Some of the measures we have taken to ensure our site is accessible include:

  • Our website uses relative font sizes to enable users to change the size of text on the page;
  • We use alternative text for all images on our website;
  • All our web pages use valid XHTML;
  • We conduct regular validation checks to ensure the HTML code of our web pages is valid;
  • We run regular checks of our pages against accessibility testing tools and perform periodic audits of our site against WAI Priority 1 and 2 checkpoints.
  • If you experience problems accessing any of the information on our site, please contact us and we will try our best to fix the problem or provide the information in an alternative format.


This commitment applies only to the Intelligent Environments website on the iedigital.com domain, and not to websites that are linked from our pages.

We are aware that some of our non-HTML content is not as accessible as it could be. Compliance with web accessibility is an ongoing process that we are working to improve.

Alternative text

All images on this site are accompanied by brief alternative text which, where appropriate, identifies an image or its function. This alternative text (alt-text) is generally only visible when the browser’s automatic image loading feature is turned off.


Documents on this website are provided in a variety of formats. The most common are Adobe Acrobat PDF (PDF) and Microsoft Word (MS Word). Most computers already have the software to open these document formats.

Most PDF files on this site allow basic accessibility. Simple PDFs should not represent an accessibility problem. However, despite our best efforts some PDF files, such as scanned and older PDF files and those containing complex statistics and data tables, may still not be fully accessible.

For more information about PDF accessibility see the accessibility section of the Adobe website. For more help with PDF files generally, and a link to download PDF Reader, see the site help page.

Text size, screen colours and screen resolution

Most web browsers let you increase and decrease the size of text, images, and other web page content with “zoom” features. Some browsers let you choose to zoom only the text size.

To change the zoom in most browsers, press the following two keys at the same time:

In Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS:
To zoom bigger: “Ctrl” and “+” keys
To zoom smaller: “Ctrl” and “-” keys
Mac OS:
To zoom bigger: “⌘” and “+” keys
To zoom smaller: “⌘” and “-” keys
Some browsers provide functionality to set different aspects of font and color in the default view.

Mozilla Firefox – Change the fonts and colors websites use
Opera – Look and feel > Fonts
Microsoft Internet Explorer – Ease of Access Options
Other text and color settings are available in Reader View.

For more information and help about changing your browser settings please visit the W3C website.