Increase your mortgage retention rate with Interact Switch

Make it easy for customers to switch to a new product at the end of their current offer period online.​

Allow customers to compare multiple mortgage products

Interact Switch allows your customers to view and compare product offers in their dashboard. Customers can view multiple different products side by side for greater clarity. 

Allow your customers to easily log in

You can add secure sign-in functionality to your site using unique customer data and sending a one time passcode to a users phone. Interact Switch securely handles failed attempts and elapsed time periods. Users can also agree to terms and conditions, as part of the sign up process.


Focus your time on the customers that need it

Interact Switch’s agent portal gives mortgage lenders the ability to see a real time record of customer activities as they happen. You can track their progress through the switching journey and support them when they need it. 

Keep customers in the loop

Keep customers notified via SMS and Email with mortgage product information such as when their deal is coming to an end. Users can log on to see an overview of their mortgage information, switching options and see how their switch is progressing. 



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Digital online services for Dudley Building Society members

With five branches within the West Midlands, Dudley Building Society was limited to offering traditional branch-based services to regional members. It recognised that members across the whole country needed improved and remote access to savings and banking services. 


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