Interact Switch

A digital platform to help your customers switch mortgage products quickly and easily

Retain your customer with Interact Switch

The mortgage sector is competitive. Lenders are turning to customer retention as a means to reduce costs, improve profits, and stand out from the crowd. The end game is to make it easy for customers to switch to a new product at the end of their current offer period. Yet, more investment in bolstering largely manual, legacy processes isn’t a solution.


A digital platform for mortgage product switching

Interact Switch replaces the manual process of managing labour-intensive operations, and is particularly effective during large product maturity windows. Telephone-based solutions can still be used, but customers are increasingly turning to online options for speed and convenience. People want slick, online switching experiences rather than a multi-stage and largely paper-based process that could take several weeks to conclude.

A more cost-effective digital solution

A more cost-effective digital solution, Interact Switch makes the initial contact and then processing of switching applications simple and quick to complete, through the rich functionality offered to customers.

Interact digital experience platform

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