Podcast ep 04: Diversity, financial services, and UKCCC 2019

  • Podcast ep 04: Diversity, financial services, and UKCCC 2019 00:00

Podcast ep 04: Diversity, financial services, and UKCCC 2019

Welcome to episode four of The Shape of Money, a podcast by ieDigital. We’re discussing women in finance today, as well as diversity, pay gaps, age gaps and software technology.

The subject of inclusion is a topic that comes up in most male-dominated industries, and financial services is certainly no exception. As well as digital transformation, we’re also seeing cultural transformation, and it’s because of the likes of Leda Glyptis, Anne Boden, Gemma Godfrey, Louise Beaumont and so many others that we’re able to celebrate the achievements and talent of women right across the world of fintech and beyond.

I caught up with Leda Glyptis of 11FS recently to talk diversity and equal representation in financial services, and how far we have to go.

Also on the show, Mark Buckley from the Credit Services Association will join me to talk briefly about the topics that will come up at the conference in September (UKCCC 2019), and you can skip straight to that chat using the podcast chapter marks or by checking the show notes below.


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show notes

00:29 We begin our conversation with Leda Glyptis of 11FS by asking if things have changed much over the last few years in terms of diversity in the workplace. “It seems to be a sad and recurring theme that the women in positions of power, with very few exceptions, don’t have children,” says Leda.

2:09 Is influence, on the hiring side of things, still very much male dominated? We discuss the behaviours that drive self-selection, as well as equal parental leave.

5:11 The subject of gender stereotyping, but also the equally important topic of hiring within the community. “We talk about mining communities, farming communities, and jobs in society tend to be extremely close in digital businesses, but tech and finance is not like that.”

8:48 There are massive pay gaps with people doing the same jobs within an organisation.

12:35 There’s a whole host of solutions to discuss, including leadership, culture, recruitment and fairness.

15:51 Mark Buckley shares his thoughts about the primary issues affecting CSA members.

16:55 People who have issues with regards to debt can be helped with software technology and better processes.

18:23 People may very well be bamboozled by technology, but it’s also a case of mistrusting technology because of security issues. Are businesses taking the topic of cybersecurity seriously enough?

19:47 What steps does Mark think CSA members are making to change internal culture, so that we’re actively helping people manage their debt? Is it simply something that leadership has to do?

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