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What happened at the 2016 ieDigital in-house hackathon

Continuing from their two extremely successful hackathons in 2015, ieDigital held their third Hackathon, the first of 2016, on 7th – 8th January.

Continuing from their two extremely successful hackathons in 2015, ieDigital held their third Hackathon, the first of 2016, on 7th – 8th January.

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14th January 2016

Jerry Mulle

  • ieDigital, the international provider of innovative mobile and online banking software solutions for financial services providers, have held their first hackathon of 2016
  • The winning team produced an innovative idea that provides organisations with valuable customer insight data
  • ieDigital were pleased to welcome CSC, their strategic partners, to the Hackathon

Continuing from their two extremely successful hackathons in 2015, Intelligent Environments held their third Hackathon, the first of 2016, on 7th – 8th January.

The six final teams, comprised a wide range of staff, from developers to marketers, from throughout ieDigital.

In an exciting change from previous hackathons, the teams were offered the chance to choose from a selection of problem statements; giving the hackers the chance to solve real situations faced by financial services companies.

istock_000077392727_small_421x280Joining the Hackathon for the first time, was ieDigital strategic partner, CSC, whose consultants, Hayley Carter and Callum Russell joined two of the teams, who had selected problem statements put forward by CSC.

The Hackers worked tirelessly through the night, hacking for close to thirty hours to come up with a series of innovative concepts; spending their time developing, building and coding, and finally creating a presentation to showcase their idea.

Mandeep Sindu, Managing Partner, Banking and Capital Markets at CSC and the new addition to the Hackathon judging panel said ‘The ieDigital Hackathon was a great experience. The ideas developed were incredibly innovative, and our consultants’ feedback was so positive that CSC are looking forward to fielding a team of our own to participate in the next Hackathon.’

Jerry Mulle, Director of Customer and Partner Relationships at ieDigital said ‘We have seen such a wide range of ideas come out of this Hackathon, our teams dedication and inventiveness have ensured that this has been our best and most exciting hackathon to date,’

The winning concept created a brand new software that allows companies to gather and analyse customer feedback data in real time, across all key social media channels giving them an accurate picture of what their customers want and what they are saying about them.

Mulle continues, ‘The winning team displayed a level of ingenuity and creative thought that set them above the rest of the field. They came up with a truly outstanding concept by using the wide range skills that each person brought to the team. All the teams acquitted themselves admirably and myself and all the judges would like to congratulate everyone that participated in the Hackathon,’

Following the positive reaction to the Hackathon and in view of the concepts generated, the company is looking to incorporate some of the ideas into Interact® ieDigital established mobile and online financial services platform.

ieDigital’ next Hackathon will be in July 2016.

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