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Creating experiences

People have embraced the digital world in ways many of us could never have imagined. From how we watch TV to how we book flights, order food and hail a cab, people have become accustomed to advances in technology that have made life generally easier.

The demand for better customer experiences across a range of products and services is driving business transformation, and none more so than in finance.

At the top of the customer experience list is simplicity. People don’t want to see the complexity behind banking software. Instead, they want a smooth, easy to use experience that helps them achieve their financial goals. They want the security and reliability of names they know and trust, and the customer experience of device-agnostic startups. They want you to know who they are.

The advent of open banking, empowered by Europe’s PSD2 regulation, is driving change, and the key to capitalizing on this change is managing data. Open banking is pushing banks to enter into new business models and compete with new, unfamiliar entrants into finance, such as Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, as well as Baidu, Alipay and Tencent. This means that simply thinking about becoming ‘digital’ isn’t an option. To compete in this new and exciting era of change, banks have to adapt quickly, and adopt transformation measures that will overhaul the way business is done.

We think digital transformation is an overused phrase. We believe in business transformation, and here’s how our Interact digital banking solution can help you transform yours.

The benefits –

Increase revenue

Delight customers so they remain loyal and purchase additional products.

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The benefits –

Reduce costs

Automate routine services and focus on delivering better customer service.

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The benefits –

Mitigate risks

Rely on the latest technologies to counteract hacking and cybercrime.

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Our digital banking platform

Our Interact digital engagement platform enables you to react to rapidly evolving market challenges, regardless of whether you’re a retail or commercial bank, a universal bank, a community bank or a credit union.

Interact enables banks to adopt a new approach to workforce management, empowers customers to self-serve, and provides a more effective method of gathering and analyzing data that will benefit you and your customer.

Digital is fundamentally changing the way we interact with financial services. As a provider of banking system software, the opportunities available to you are exciting and transformative. In supporting your business transformation, our banking software solutions will help you increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risk. We do this by:

Accelerating processes. Interact speeds up customer onboarding and origination while reducing time-to-market for new banking products and services.
Providing peace of mind. Interact is PCI-DSS Level One and Fairbanking compliant. Our security model is regularly tested by independent, qualified security assessors.
Reducing cost of ownership. Interact supports multiple brands, multiple devices and multiple channels from one single deployment and technology stack.

Our Platform –

Our Interact platform will help you transform your business to meet your customers’ expectations.

Its flexibility enables you to create simple journeys for people to sign up, engage, self-serve, and manage their debts. It’s a secure, reliable, scalable and channel-agnostic advanced banking solution that will adapt to how you want to use it, and how you want your customer to interact with your business.

Customer Testimonial -

Alastair Watts, Head of Acquisition & Proposition Development, Bank of Ireland, UK

"We have developed a strong and positive relationship with Intelligent Environments. Having Interact at the heart of our mobile banking apps will enable us to provide our Post Office and AA credit card customers with a market leading digital experience."

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