What we do

We drive digital transformation

We do this by delivering customer-centric solutions for the biggest names in financial services. By putting customer needs front and centre, we help to build cutting-edge financial environments that encourage engagement, nurture trust, and develop long-lasting relationships.

Move quickly with Interact

Digital transformation is about delivering what works, fast. Our cloud-native Interact Application Suite has ready-made solutions to your needs. The platform’s low-code capabilities allow us to configure and deploy new solutions in weeks, not months.

The Interact Application Suite comprises


Interact Acquire

Power your customer acquiring process with a suite of handy tools such as to address search, identify verification & much more.


Interact Connect

Use data to connect with your customers like never before and create tailored experiences to improve usability.

Interact Switch

Improve customer retention through reducing attrition and improving profitability.


Interact Collect

Embrace a digital-first approach to debt recovery with features designed to give your customers a non-confrontational compliant way of handling their debts.

And this is how we work


Discover and Define

We find out what needs to be achieved and set about creating solutions.

Configure and Deploy

We configure the solutions, deploy and transition them into a live service.


Manage and Support

We monitor the service, manage the environments, and provide support 24/7.

Measure and Review

We measure the outcomes and review against the success criteria.


Innovate and Evolve

We develop and enhance every solution to continually improve the customer experience.

Download our Digital Banking Guide

Discover three strategies for modernising your digital banking provision; and how to keep up in the digital race for customers’ hearts and minds.